Sylvie Doláková

Story-based teaching – complementary CD materials



Budulínek, The Enormous Turnip


The teaching CD’s are an extensive complementary material to a set of felt pictures with magnets, manufactured by the Kříž company of Letovice, Czech Republic. These felt props can be used for a fairy-tale presentation on a magnetic or flannel board; they can be used and touched by children. More info at

The combination of the CD with the felt pictures enables a perfect exploitation of the language offered by the fairy-tale. The whole class can live through the story during a few weeks, even repeatedly, when the children grow and gain more knowledge and experience.

Each CD contains a set of about 80 activities to enhance the knowledge gained by listening to the story. All activities are motivated by the text of the fairy-tale, which you can find in the kindergarten section.


The skills you will practice range from linguistic to literary – making sentences, re-telling the story, working with chants, doing exercise with the specialised texts for speech therapy, they foster children’s awareness of nature and the world around them, they help with maths, provide musical, artistic and physical activities.

In the files, you will find little and big picture cards, games such as matching pairs, dominoes, bingo cards, worksheets, themes and topics for music, art and manual work lessons as well as physical activities.

Card games are aimed at manipulation – this is a very suitable technique for children as they have a short attention span. Moving helps them keep the concentration part of the brain for a longer period of time, or repeatedly.

Many files can be opened on the computer screen, with the help of a projector or a smart board, you will save yourself from a lot of copying and will know what your children are working on.

Sound recordings can be played on the CD player or on the computer.


Activities are arranged freely according to the learning areas. You can find activities suitable for younger children among them as well for a bit older ones – your children may be slower/quicker to learn; activities from the more advanced files can be simplified, adjusted.

Don’t forget the sound recordings, they can make your work more interesting as well as lift your mood!

You can order the CDs and the felt pictures at these addresses:

CD -  sylviad(at) 

Pictures - blanka(at)


More stories are coming soon!